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Chemistry in Art

Workshop Spotlight | September 14, 2016

Pigments, dyes, and paints may be familiar words in the art room, but they are also terms that can take on a new perspective in the chemistry laboratory. In the three-part course, “Chemistry in Art,” held at Pratt Institute in New York, MƒA teachers inquired into the use of chemistry for investigating works of art.

The MƒA mini-course was led by Dr. Cindie Kehlet, associate professor at Pratt Institute. The course focused on using art and design materials to show how theory, activities, and labs can be integrated in a cohesive way to guide inquiry and motivate students toward rigorous chemistry discoveries. Teachers were led through several laboratory investigations that they could then implement in their own classrooms.

​MƒA Master Teacher Jude Julien (middle) attended the workshop, and spoke about content-focused professional growth opportunities: “My favorite part of MƒA is the content-specific workshop offerings. As a chemistry teacher, it’s not always easy to find great professional workshops in my field. I feel like a kid in a candy store when I see the host of subject-specific workshops offered in the MƒA catalog.” 

The MƒA 2016 Fall Professional Development Catalog provides MƒA teachers with a comprehensive offering of professional courses that include topics in math content, science content, computer science and technology, math teaching and learning, science teaching and learning, teacher leadership, and inquiry and practice. View our fall offerings in the online course catalog.