Peter Muller

Peter Muller is Founder and CEO of PDT Partners and a Senior Advisor of Morgan Stanley. He received his B.A. in Mathematics with honors from Princeton University. Prior to joining Morgan Stanley in 1992 and founding PDT (Process Driven Trading), Peter was at BARRA, a financial consulting firm, for seven years. As a result of the Volcker rule, PDT Partners will be spinning out of Morgan Stanley at the beginning of 2013.

Peter’s published research includes work on financial optimization, mortgage prepayments and equity valuation models. He is a member of the Editorial Board for the Journal of Investment Management and has previously served in the same capacity for the Financial Analysts Journal and the Journal of Portfolio Management.

A member of the Board of Trustees for Harvey Mudd College, Peter has served as an Advisory Board member for MIT's Track in Financial Engineering at the Sloan School and NYU/Courant’s Program in Financial Mathematics.

He is the co-founder and Chairman of the Investment Committee of Chalkstream Capital Group, an investment firm.

Outside of finance, Peter serves on the Leadership Council of the Robin Hood Foundation and on the board of Math for America, and has released two albums as a pianist/singer-songwriter. He also creates the occasional crossword puzzle for the New York Times.

Peter is married and has two children.