The power of the MfA community

Who We Are

MƒA was founded in 2004 as an organization committed to teachers. In our country today, we don’t do enough to encourage extraordinary teachers to stay in the classroom and we don’t do enough to value teachers and teaching as a profession. We know we need to work harder to make teaching a viable, rewarding, and respected career choice for the best minds in science and mathematics. Above all, MƒA works to change the way we talk about teachers and teaching.

Creating a STEM Master Teacher Community

That’s what the MƒA model is all about. We find the best mathematics and science teachers, create opportunities for their professional and intellectual growth, and sustain them in their teaching careers. Within our community, they share knowledge, advance teaching skills, and define excellence itself – which means they can enjoy dynamic, interesting, and challenging careers without ever leaving the classroom. Our four-year fellowships bring together outstanding K-12 public school mathematics and science teachers.

  • With over 1,000 MƒA teachers across our fellowships, MƒA teachers make up approximately ten percent of all K-12 mathematics and science public school teachers in New York City.

MƒA was founded in New York City by Jim Simons, Founder and Chairman of Renaissance Technologies. Dr. Simons also serves as the current Chair of the Board for MƒA. Jim and Marilyn Simons created the Simons Foundation, which provides a substantial portion of the funding for MƒA.


Teaching. It's professional.

Watch MƒA teachers talk about the importance of a teacher community.