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Professional Development Through the Lens of Language and Technology

In the News | January 25, 2017

As a guest columnist for EdTech Digest, MƒA Executive Director Megan Roberts looks at the influence technology has had on teacher professional development as an ongoing and active practice. In her piece, Roberts examines how great teachers are consistently looking for new opportunities to lead and learn, while integrating technology into their classrooms.

And here’s the thing: teachers don’t go from good to great simply because they attend a series of courses on wireless communication or data-logging. Great teachers don’t master their craft by attending an in-service day about mathematical computing across the curriculum.

Teaching is complex, and neither practice, nor great tech tools, transforms practice in a day or a week or by a single type of learning experience. Professional development is an ongoing and active process and like student classrooms, learning happens within a community, with intention, and over time.

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