How it works

Over the course of the four-year fellowship, MƒA Master Teachers – NYC K-12 public school mathematics and science teachers with more than four years of teaching experience – join a community of exceptional STEM educators. As lifelong learners, MƒA Master Teachers are integral members of participating in and designing the extensive professional growth opportunities at MƒA.

MƒA Master Teachers come together on a regular basis to collaborate and learn from each other. Whether by participating in professional workshops and events, through mentorship of MƒA Early Career Teachers, or by developing and facilitating new MƒA courses, Master Teachers continue to grow with fellow teachers, who share a passion for science or mathematics.

Throughout the fellowship, Master Teachers define excellence itself for their field by exchanging ideas and challenging each other. Master Teachers find opportunities for leadership and growth as teachers, which means they enjoy dynamic, interesting, and challenging careers without ever leaving the classroom.

The MƒA Master Teacher Fellowship provides:

  • $60,000 in stipends over four years to recognize participation in our community
  • A dynamic community of inspiring mathematics and science teachers
  • Participation in a wide range of high quality, STEM-focused, teacher-led professional growth and enrichment opportunities throughout the school year 

100+ professional development courses per semester

MƒA teachers participate in and lead professional growth and enrichment opportunities throughout the year, ranging in focus from mathematics and science content to pedagogical practice and leadership. Below is a sample of our course offerings.