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Mathematical Construction

Workshop Spotlight | December 22, 2015

Intricate geometric shapes may be difficult to visualize, but what if there were a creative and engaging way to explore – and even build – these shapes in the classroom? In an MƒA mini-course led by mathematician and sculptor George Hart, MƒA teachers worked together to build mathematical constructions that would excite their students about mathematics and that could be adapted to emphasize mathematical thinking at any level. From a large icosahedron made from CDs to a cube-based puzzle, MƒA teachers created stunning and complex geometric structures. The workshops were available via live stream for teachers in the New York State Master Teacher Program, enabling them to partake in the workshop, build their own models, and participate in the discussion.

MƒA Master Teacher Janice Kwan attended the three-part mini-course at the MƒA office and appreciated the chance to collaborate and connect with teachers across the state: “Building these constructions is a great way to see how beautiful and fascinating mathematics can be, and I look forward to trying new hands-on activities like these with my students.”