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MƒA President Ponders STEM Education Crisis, Solutions

In the News | April 21, 2017

Last week MƒA President John Ewing gave a public talk at Vassar College, where he spoke to the audience about a topic he has written on extensively – whether the United States is facing a STEM education crisis like many media figures and politicians claim. Vassar’s newspaper, Miscellany News, wrote an article covering the talk and MƒA’s mission and vision. The paper wrote that Ewing’s greatest critique of the education system was that “everyone involved seems to oversimplify both the means and the ends,” and that Ewing demonstrated how education has actually improved over the past few decades:

“People dichotomize nuanced issues within education into digestible viewpoints, arguing that either charter schools are unfair and ineffective or that we need to funnel more money into good schools and starve out bad ones. Ewing argued, “In education, unlike in politics, recognizing that things are complicated is crucial to finding solutions that are real.”


Ewing stressed the key role of teachers and the necessity of providing them with a support network so that they can thrive: ‘We need to find them. We need to cultivate them. We need to especially celebrate them.’”

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