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Danilsa Fernandez



City College Academy of the Arts

currently teaches

Middle School


Algebra I, Algebra II, Trigonometry

# of years teaching


For most of her teaching career, Danilsa Fernandez has been a part of the MƒA community, first as an MƒA Early Career Teacher and now as a MƒA Master Teacher. “MƒA has a deep respect for teachers, and that’s not necessarily the sentiment that shared by the public,” she explains. “By being a part of the MƒA community, I feel trusted and valued as a teacher. The community at MƒA has been my best professional resource.”

In her classroom, Danilsa believes that examples are the best way to inspire students to learn. For Danilsa, this means both providing outside experiences for her students, like a visit to Microsoft or Google to experience other STEM careers, as well being an example in the classroom. “It’s important to see someone who looks like you in the classroom. As a person of color and someone who went to a NYC public school, seeing teachers who looked like me and were leaders in the classroom had a great impact on my experience – it made me believe I could accomplish anything.”

A career changer, Danilsa received her B.S. in Electrical Engineering from CUNY City College, her M.S. in Technology Management from Stevens Institute of Technology, and M.A. in Mathematics Education from Teachers College at Columbia University. As an active member of the MƒA community, Danilsa has facilitated “Racially Relevant Pedagogy,” a course that addresses the role of race in the classroom.