MƒA Course Catalog

MƒA teachers participate in and lead professional growth and enrichment opportunities throughout the year, ranging in focus from mathematics and science content to pedagogical practice and leadership.

MƒA Course Catalog

MƒA teachers are committed to learning, so we create opportunities for their growth and to sustain them in their teaching careers. We offer a range of high quality, STEM-focused professional workshops and events on most evenings throughout the school year. Browse our 2017 fall courses that MƒA teachers are leading and participating in during the remainder of the year. 

Access to Algebra II

Teaching the Algebra II curriculum is not an easy task. How can we ensure the lessons we design provide ALL students access to Algebra II? How can we effectively support students who typically perform at the lower third? In this PLT, we will come together to design lessons that[+] Read More provide access to the Algebra II standards for all students and then take them into our classrooms to test them out. Participants will return with feedback and we will make changes accordingly.

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MfA Master Teachers Aneta Bega, Paige Healy, and Vincia Richardson

Mathematics | Oct 5, Oct 26, Nov 16, Dec 7, Jan 4

Adapting Science Take-out Lab Kits in the Living Environment Classroom

Become familiar with Science take-out kits that are aligned to the Living Environment Curriculum and AP Biology standards. Science take-out lessons are prepackaged, ready to go, cost effective with hands-on, manipulative experiences for students - no lab equipment needed! This[+] Read More single session workshop will allow you and your colleagues to explore sample kit lessons, brainstorm adaptations for your own classrooms and create lab experiences. You will also be able to take home one sample kit at the end of the session.

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MfA Master Teachers Grace Hu and Mimi Prabhu

Science | Nov 21

Adapting Standards Aligned Living Environment Genetics Unit Using the 5E Model

Join us as we focus on Living Environment curriculum by the New Visions Public School Network written by teachers for teachers following the 5E model. All lessons are NYS and common core aligned. We will work together to review lesson plans for the genetics unit using protocols[+] Read More and sharing ideas for adapting to different classrooms. You will walk away with free curriculum and have an opportunity to digest and work through the lessons in groups so we can think of how to meaningfully put them into practice. Volunteers will model lessons or activities based on collaborative sessions with other team members.

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MfA Early Career Teacher Vince Joralemon and MfA Master Teacher Mimi Prabhu

Science | Sep 27, Oct 25, Dec 6, Jan 10

Advisory Activities for College Readiness

How can you most effectively use advisory time with your students to support them throughout the complex college admissions process? This interactive workshop is designed to support you in doing just that. Participants will leave with an understanding of the skills, knowledge,[+] Read More and preparation that a student needs to complete the college application process and successfully matriculate into college. In addition, we will share activities, tools, and resources that teachers can use to support students as they navigate this complicated process.

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Allison Palmer

Inquiry, Practice, and Leadership | Nov 6

Affirming LGBTQ Students in STEM Curriculum

How do you affirm LGBTQ experience and gender diversity in your STEM classroom? In what ways are your classroom materials and discussions centered in heteronormative narratives? How are you already working to include LGBTQ narratives in your curricula and classroom discussions,[+] Read More and what successes and challenges have arisen? What particular challenges arise when you try to do this work with students for whom English is a new language? In our PLT, we will map out challenges, share resources and successes, and get to work on expanding the queer and gender inclusivity of our STEM classrooms.

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MfA Master Teachers Jay Berlin Dickman, Sage Forbes-Gray, and Kit Golan

Inquiry, Practice, and Leadership | Oct 11, Nov 8, Dec 13, Jan 17

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